Jan 2, 2019
mellllll (All reviews)
This is such a common anime. Seriously. But, why did I feel my heart beating so fast for him? So, at first, I have to admit that I fell in love at first sight for Fukigen na Mononokean. Just on the first episode I already felt so good watching, a feeling that I rarely have. It gives such enjoyment and leaves you absolutely absorbed on every episode.

The plot is very simple and very understandable: tells the story about a yokai exorcist, Abeno, and his employed, Hanae. And the story's development is so natural, since the change of sceneries until the new's characters entrance.

The art is soooooooooo beautiful. The sceneries itself are simples, but when it comes to the subworld... Ahh! Such an aesthetic should deserve an award.

So, overall, I felt very into this anime, the simplicity here is everything and makes you fall in love. Just.