Jan 1, 2019
annanonymous (All reviews)
Ever wanted to watch a series and you realized it's falsely advertised? Guess what I did! And boy, was I very wrong in thinking this might be something worth watching.

Let me explain why I'm disappointed and kind of annoyed with this. And do bear with me, I will be rambling a lot for a short-lived micro series. How's that for a first review ever?

The whole story was very bland. There are concepts that stuck out a bit, but there wasn't much more to it. In other words, there was nothing eye-catching or different in comparison to other anime that shares the same genre. The characters aren't very memorable at all and are quite bland and underwhelming in all aspects. The thing about this anime is that you don't find it on your typical streaming sites when you google the name. Instead, you'll find it on porn sites which isn't a bad thing...if it were a hentai. It was misleading in all honesty when I initially read the synopsis before it was released. I thought, "hey there's nothing wrong with a bit of ecchi from time to time, right?" wrong. Even for porn, it's not substantial for what porn is supposed to make people do.

Before I continue, I noticed that there are allegedly three versions that came out (sexual scenes cut completely, censored, and uncensored/full-on sex scenes with penetration) so to give you context I watched the third version which is basically porn. Because of its length (in both episode duration and how many episodes came out) there's not much to get off to. Since this was "ecchi" there wasn't enough plot to go around because of such short time. Because, y'know, ecchi is kind of a factor for anime that says, "hey we have girls revealing stuff that you don't want little children to see." and not something that completely defines plot. Actually, there wasn't really a plot at all. By that, I mean that there was a direction where this was going but it was pretty predictable and raw and not really entertaining. The writing was your carbon-copy script of a typical hentai where the woman says "no" but proceeds to get consensually fucked anyway because what is logic.

The dynamic between the two main characters is laughable since they're very typical. A viewer most likely doesn't even need to watch this because of the lack in creativity; this is a relationship that is very confusing where it's a one-night stand that goes from being fuckbuddies to being each other's boyfriend/girlfriend with a dash of baseless jealousy and useless "pining". I say "pining" because the main guy essentially lusts for her and doesn't say his true feelings till the end, but goes upon his salacious actions anyway. As for the woman, she's basically there as a means for the guy's object of attraction. There's nothing worth noting about her other than she has sex with this man every episode and that she drags along the "plot" of this thing.

It was generally mediocre with sound and art; there's nothing much to comment on, especially since all that was supposed to be appealing was the sex. The voice acting was pretty standard, especially for moaning and sound effects were basic. If there was even music in this thing, I probably didn't even notice. The art is nothing new to me; it was neither good or bad, but simply something I've seen everywhere.

Overall, I found this pretty boring. Even the sex scenes were mediocre and the buildup to those wasn't even decent. So even for porn, there's nothing to enjoy even for a little bit. That says a lot for a series with each episode running about 10 minutes if I can remember correctly. Even for what was presented before I even watched, I literally didn't know what to expect so I came in with no expectation at all. But did I finish it all? Yeah. Why? To see how it all just culminates and what cliches would be stuck in there.

So yeah. I plan on not watching or reviewing anything like this (I mean hentai lol) and just don't waste your time on this like I did lol.