Jan 1, 2019
Hime-han (All reviews)
I have to admit, this story made me hold my breath, especially at the end of the story. None the less, let me get to the major points first.

As for the plot of this story, I found it be rather interesting, and unique in it's own way, with the fact that they had to overcome obstacles, which I feel like allowed the story to develop in the way that it did. I have to say, at first i did not quite like the attitude of the antagonist, but I came to realise that in fact no one was truly an "evil" character to begin with. They just simply had their own reasons, for going about things the way that they did.

As a whole the storyline kept well together, and I feel like there was nothing actually missing from it. Perhaps, there could have been just a few more chapters, to see how the story could develop, after they have over came their struggles. At firs though, I have to admit I was confused as for the genders, I though that in fact one of the main characters, was in fact a male not a female. This is just unfortunately my misunderstanding of the story. I thankfully realised that this was not the case, rather quickly.

I probably say this not only in many of my reviews, but just in general, that this is in fact one of my many favoured mangas. I recommend that if you want a Yuri story, that does not follow a typical storyline, and concept then you should give this manga a try. Highly recommend it.