Jan 1, 2019
Shivin302 (All reviews)
I've watched 7 episodes so far, and I have to say that Orion has taken a firm approach with the story and characters that was missing in Ares. I'm reviewing this show as a 20-year old dude who has been watching Inazuma Eleven for 8 years.

The story is much better; there is the usual scary organization behind the scenes that uses middle schoolers to take over the world or something. However, the team's response is finally worthwhile. Kidou gives no shits about the wholesome soccer spirit and actually fights back. Episode 6 in particular was so enjoyable because finally they decided to beat up their enemies instead of the other way around. It was really funny to see the trope being reversed, and I laughed so hard in that episode

I also really like the progression of power in Orion so far. Goenji is as hype as I wanted, and his plays removed the stale taste from Ares. It's also great that Inazuma Japan is actually evenly matched with the other Asian teams, and they have to rely on beating the other teams' gimmicks rather than just getting powerups through the course of the match. I'm glad that they stopped the whole V2, V3, G2, G3 system and simply use hissatsu tactics, shoots and goalie moves. Endou's power up is great too, and doesn't feel forced. The team already has incredibly strong hissatsus like The Explosion, Perfect Penguins, so they can contend with the Asian teams while still developing even stronger ones that are world-level instead of Asia level.

Art is really good at times and acceptable most of the time. Kinda sad that it sometimes isn't as pretty. Music is awesome and gets me hyped.

Characters look good for now. Ichihoshi definitely will get a character development arc soon, and Kidou as usual is the best character of the series. Kidou, Gouenji, and Endou easily made Orion better than Ares, but so far Endou hasn't had as much impact as Kidou, Haizaki, Hiroto, and Gouenji. I'm looking forward to Nosaka coming back as he was the best character of Ares.

Overall I'm giving it a 9 because the show has broken some old annoying tropes, has paced itself well, and has a solid plot progression.