Dec 31, 2018
ReLIFE (Manga) add (All reviews)
mangareader123 (All reviews)
Starting reading ReLife yesterday, read through it in one go. Loved it from the first page to the last. The guy we are introduced to in the beginning made me empathise. I could relate to him and his dreams of a happy middle class life. I felt excited how his life would turn out. The ReLife was a Deux Ex machina, but not really, since it is the very premise of the book.

This is a story of highschool romance, of the hardships of adjusting to adult life, of friendship and of second chances in life. It is a slice of life.

Using ReLife capsule, a person can get the appearance of a highschool kid and attend one. The ReLife organisation helps NEETs to relive their highschool and adjust better as adults.
Soon the story becomes your everyday school romance- love stories, breakups, bullying (little bit), new friendships, etc
It did not bore me because I had fallen in love with these characters.
The ending is beautiful too. The journey is equally good.

The art is easy on the eyes. Sometimes the backgrounds are even kept white. But it suits the style of the story. There is no ecchi or harem. I like that because it helps me focus on the story.

I loved the main characters as well as the supporting characters. There are no evil plotters in this story. The fears are the demons inside. We see these guys fight their inner fears and overcome them, sometimes on their own but mostly via their friends' help. In one word- memorable characters.

As much as I love this manga I know it is not revolutionary in either story, art or execution. But it gets full points for enjoyment. It keeps the reader engaged throughout.
At one point I wanted to see the main characters, but the story kept focusing on silly things in others characters' lives. I read through that part quite fast.

Overall: (9/10)

Must-Read. It is a fun read. The chapters are really short and fast paced. Read it for a Slice Of Life.
Don't expect any evil vs good action fights or blood and gore.

Thanks for reading!