Dec 29, 2018
Injenss (All reviews)
"Mmmm...not bad."

That's the feeling I walked away from this anime with. It was pretty funny at times, it had lots of action, the characters were likable. But, it just has the feel of something you'll forget you saw a year from now.

If I could point to two things that make it feel more like a B-rate anime, it would be the fact that it never really felt like it had an identity of its own, but was trying to appear to. It looked like it was pulling from Tiger & Bunny (Without being nearly as good), and adding aspects of Wizard Barristers and Samurai Flamenco into it. It didn't really seem to know what kind of anime it wanted to be which is why it started as a vice detective comedy, but ended up with space colonies and attacks on military bases. And while they properly explained the transition from back alley's to jet bombers, it just felt a bit too far fetched.

The second thing that hurt it was the needless pushing of the crossdresser agenda throughout the anime. I'm not the type to automatically hate on crossdressing in anime. I really enjoyed animes like Princess Jellyfish, Maria+Holic, Tokyo Godfathers and Gokudolls. But, if you're going to do it, do it well. Episodes like the one about Max's back story and prom was just stupid and out of place and brought the anime down. It seemed more like an agenda driven episode that was shoved into the middle of the anime, trying to convince kids to accept crossdressers than a strong attempt at a back story. While that was poor, the repeated mix ups with Kirill looking like a woman was actually funny. But, they even went too far with that and broke the logic. (MINOR SPOILER): If the whole time he doesn't like it when people mistake him for a woman, why would he ever dress up in a bride's gown? Logically, they would get Rookie to do that. They really wanted to hammer home the acceptance of cross dressing in this anime for some reason, but the attempts were ham-fisted and cringeworthy. But, mostly, they were completely unnecessary to the story.

Other than that, it's really not a bad anime. It's not a great anime, but it's not bad. The animation was mostly solid, although you could tell the parts where they mixed in some pretty mediocre looking 3D animation. If studios are going to do 3D animation, they need to make it look like Land of the Lustrous. Otherwise, it's just off putting. But, I think they'll get there in time. The soundtrack was cool, especially the ending theme song.

Overall, it's an entertaining anime. It's not a waste of your time to watch it. But, even though it will give off strong Tiger and Bunny vibes, don't expect Tiger and Bunny quality. It's just not there.

Story: 6
Art: 6
Sound: 9
Character: 7
Enjoyment: 7
Overall: 7