Aug 17, 2010
loveoverhigh (All reviews)
Overall- 8/10
This manga is for Yaoi lovers, especially if you love S&M. This Manga is all about guys having crazy and painfully sex, which is done in a really pretty art style that makes the story not as important. The story is good but not really needed, all that matters really is the raunchy sex.
Story- 7/10
The story line was rather good at times, but most of the time it felt unneeded as you knew no matter what someone was going to get tortured and it was going to involve either candles, whips or a rocking horse in one case. That being said the story line was pretty good, and you could read the mange just for the story line.. though not without getting distracted.
Art- 8/10
I rather liked the style, the characters where pretty and you could tell characters apart, and even read their facial expressions. The anatomy is what you'd expect from a Yaoi really skinny, nice abs and giant... well you know.
Character- 7/10
The characters were likable and you got to see their point a views rather nicely, they were also very dimensional. The characters where either S or M depending on their character that was explained rather nicely through actions and behavior.
Enjoyment- 10/10
Obviously if you like this kind of thing, then it will be a 10 out of a 10. All the stories were good, and the toys were inventive along with the stories.