Dec 28, 2018
ZeromaxAnima (All reviews)
(I'm not speak english)
It's just a generic isekai.
Story: 2/10
Art: 7/10
Characters: 2/10
Enjoyment: 5/10
Overall: 3/10
The protagonist has no personality and is a gary stu. The co-protagonist is a comic relief, his interactions with the protagonist are fun but that's it. On the other characters nothing remarkable.
Like all Isekai; the objective does not matter much and the world is one that has already been seen too much.
But still the story was fine. It was entertaining and those mistakes really did not matter because it was a simple unpretentious comedy like Konosuba. Until in Chapter 2 he makes the mistake of taking himself very seriously and becomes EDGY.
This added to the previous mistakes, made to this manga your typical Isekai with a protagonist Gary stu self-insertorio that will always win.
About art, it looks good, although a larger shot of the places where the protagonists are would be much better.
That is all.