Dec 28, 2018
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Yagate Kimi ni Naru is an anime that reminds us of the complexity of love. Several philosophers, artists, even you have tried to express that feeling to someone when you fall in love. A close person, a forgotten friend, call it what you want. Maybe someone declared us, and we did not know how to respond. Maybe we have failed, or we have managed to understand the meaning of love. No matter what happened in our life, those feelings are still present. This series uses that feeling, something that we cannot describe and creates a refreshing and pure plot that will fascinate you.

On the other hand, some viewers may consider this series boring, absurd and ridiculous. If you do not like romance combined with slice of life, you will agree with them and this anime won't be for you.


The story is straightforward, and the relationship between the different characters is exquisitely well developed. We have two girls, Yuu and Touko. The first cannot experience the feeling of love. She may know the literal meaning, but she has never "loved" anyone and perhaps never will. The second is a perfect student, president of the school council who cannot accept being loved. All this leads her to reject any proposal of love or avoid any relationship with someone who shows this feeling towards her. The plot develops gradually when Yuu feels the need to reject a declaration of love. Since she cannot ask for help from her friends, she decides to ask Touku, who supports her and helps her reject the declaration. For some viewers, it could be unrealistic, a cliché, I call it destiny or love at first sight, Touku begins to love Yuu. At first, we can think that it will take advantage of Yuu's condition. However, this is the beginning of an innocent relationship in which both girls will try to understand the meaning of love and about themselves.

On the other hand, the plot is a combination of heart and self-definition, slice of life and romance. The series uses school life to improve the relationship and create perfect moments where these characters can be together. In addition, it maintains simplicity and is pleasant. It does not need any strange exaggeration to ignite love like other series like Citrus with forced scenes to name one.

Another interesting factor is the setting. In general, yuri romance fails because it is set in an unrealistic place where almost the entire cast is lesbian. However, in the beginning, we can appreciate a diverse group of characters that keep the plot alive and realistic. Unfortunately, the plot tends to this unrealistic configuration in some parts, and that can be seen as negative. The author avoids any social consequences, and this could be interpreted as ridiculous by some spectators. Also, that's one of my reasons for not giving the series a perfect score because it's weird and gives you the impression that something is missing. Another reason, the series has an open ending and the most relevant part of the story is in the manga, and it may not be animated (I hope I'm wrong).


I like the way how the characters evolve with the relationship. The story has two main characters.

Yuu Koito. She is an avid reader, cute, friendly and caring. For some reason, she cannot experience love, and she expects to learn about it with Touku. One interesting factor is the way how she can read Touku because this helps to brace the outcome. For me, she is in constant change because her doubts appear more often. Sadly, we cannot explore more of her development for that reason I invite you to read the manga.

Touko Nanami. She is a perfect girl for all the persons around her. However, she is a character full of fears and doubts. She hides that face from anyone, but Yuu can look inside her. She dislikes being loved because she hates herself, so she will reject anyone that show any affection towards her. For me, she is a very complex character but in the deep, she is the weakest one. When she is with Yuu, she gets anxious and irradiates a beautiful feeling to the audience.

--Art and Sound—

The animation is good. However, there are some angles where the character lost some proportion, and they will look a bit pointed. It is weird but does not occur too often. The camera dynamic and movement are excellent, they are smooth and fit the romantic moments. It makes your eyes focus in the details of the scene. Additionally, the animation uses a bright and vivid palette that is pleasant to the eye and makes the characters glow.

The soundtrack contributes with the atmosphere of the scenes and helps in the crucial moments. The sound is elegant, soft and perfect. The OP is fantastic, and I love the rhythm and the connection with the lyrics. The ED is average, but it has a pleasant score combination.


I do not have too many negative complaints about the series. The plot is entertaining, and it arouses curiosity. The relationship between the characters is realistic, cute and pure. I love how Yuu tease her Senpai and how she reacts to that. The relationship is amusing and captivating. Sadly, the manga stills ongoing, so the series is not going to be completed.

I certainly will recommend the series because it has a real emotional level with minor plot issues and acceptable pacing. However, if we compare the series with others from the same genre like Citrus or Aoi Hana, it will give you the impression that something is missing. The series is missing the charisma of a complete couple (two characters are needed in a relationship). In this show, Touku has that charisma, but Yuu lacks it because she cannot express the feeling of love and that gives the impression that the show is average or unfinished, but it is part of the plot concept. For that reason. I invite you to read the manga because you will see Yuu’s progression and changes in the source.