Dec 25, 2018
Poky07 (All reviews)
Alright to start this off I enjoy Sherlock Holmes and his stories quite a bit. This may or may not affect how much enjoyment you get out of this manga series. Now that the short disclaimer is out of the way lets get into this. First off this series follows Moriarty for the most part. Instead of a traditional Sherlock Holmes story, this manga explains Moriarty's life and motivations as the villain of the story and it works realllllly well. Sequences with Sherlock in them have never been so interesting in my opinion and I only wish there was more out there for me to enjoy. The art is beautiful and each page is a gift for my eyes and the story even without Moriarty in a chapter is compelling enough to keep reading. The side characters make you feel genuine feelings for them and make the chapters all the more flavorful. Plus for a series more focused on seriousness there is surprising humor that has made me laugh out loud and come back to pages in order to reread the gold.

Overall it's a series that isn't super long yet so it's worth a read and the chapters keep getting better. If it had an english release I'll be the first to buy the books! Still crossing my fingers for an anime to come out of it. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!