Dec 25, 2018
Alienekoo (All reviews)
Short Review, after reading like 52 chapters I think this manga is not that bad. It's just your regular shoujo manga. Nothing too serious but nothing too naive. At the beginning, it kinda looks like some crap story with two hot guys chasing a plain.. more like a rudimentary girl (was a bit annoying). But the best thing about this manga which makes it stand out, in my opinion, is the character development. IT HAS A STORY WITH EMOTIONS. Art gets better too.

Story is simple. Two hot guys: white and black. White popular. Black Demon. Girl likes white. Black kinda likes girl. Girl realizes she likes black too. Black tsun much. Whites dates girl to bully black. Black still tsun but sudden dere moments. blah blah... Then the real story begins. So, all the stuff above is not the real point of this manga. It has got some cute and beautiful moments too. :3

Shoujo readers would enjoy it enough.