Aug 15, 2010
deleteme234 (All reviews)
The anime version of Gantz is split into two seasons, and I'm reviewing the second season; Gantz - Second Stage. Check my earlier reviews as I have already reviewed the first season of Gantz and the manga version of Gantz.

Gantz - Second Stage is a mixed bag since it contains one of the best missions that Gantz has to offer (the Buddha mission), but also contains a lackluster ending to the anime that makes people scratch their heads.

The Buddha mission continues where the first season left off, and is highly addictive and kick-ass to watch. It contains everything I love about Gantz; the unpredictability of who will live; no one is truly safe in the world of Gantz even if you are a main character. The music is even more intense than the first season as you listen to heart pacing guitar licks as the characters battle against the aliens. Everything about this missions is great!

Now lets talk about the filler arc. First of all the filler isn't terrible, but it wasn't necessary either. The filler arc is actually pretty good, but left off with a strange ending that most people hated, which leaves the viewer confused with many questions unanswered.

A lot of people of people who watched Gantz tell me the same thing: they loved the first three missions featured in the anime but hated the last mission/ ending.

*My recommendation is to watch up till episode 21 of the anime series and go straight to CHAPTER 90 in the manga; trust me on this. *

The manga will provide you with the answers you didn't have in the anime and becomes even more epic.