Dec 19, 2018
tyarados (All reviews)
one of my favorite manga and my biggest inspiration!

story - it's not just typical slice of life, every chapter left something for us to learn and the story is realistic, especially when you are uni or college students. also don't forget the comedic situations and the expression! this manga will make you laugh like crazy, and the next chapter you bawl like a baby.

art - at first it's a bit rough, but gets even better. I don't know how to say it but I can feel the warmth of the drawing and it looks so soft.

character - every characters feel so real and can relate to. Takemoto the ordinary guy who is still clueless about his future, Morita the carefree guy who loves doing crazy things and cares a lot for his friends, Mayama the mature guy who fell in love with an older woman, Hagu the genius artist but a shy one (and tiny cute), and Ayumi the girl who has unrequited love for her best friend. we can see them grow in every chapter, and by the end of the manga, you will feel like you just parted with your best friends.

enjoyment - I enjoy this a lot and I already watched the anime 3 times, and read the manga 2 times. whenever I feel like I miss the characters, I just read or watch it over again.

overall, it is truly a gem to read.