Aug 14, 2010
Gantz (Anime) add (All reviews)
deleteme234 (All reviews)
Original. Provoking. Gory. A Masterpiece.


Once your life ends, your new one begins inside a small room with a large black ball. Inside the ball is a creature named Gantz who sends copies of people who died to battle against various alien creatures.

Gantz is split into two seasons, and I'm reviewing the first one. The first season consists of only two of the many missions in Gantz.


A blend of science fiction and pure grotesque horror is what you will find when watching Gantz. This show succeeds at stretching the limits to what can be shown on the television, so expect tons of profanity and body parts. Also, Gantz contains one of the best and shocking beginnings to any anime show.

Gantz is brilliant as it primarily focuses on the human element instead of just the story, where realistic people are put in an highly unrealistic situations. Most people would probably react just like the people who are forced to fight for Gantz, and that is the magic of this show. The characters don't display flashy moves, but instead show fear and hesitation.


Gonzo did a pretty damn good job with the art and animation. The weapons, armor, and aliens featured in Gantz is some of the most original work I have ever seen.


The soundtracks are eerie and set the mood of Gantz perfectly. Even though I tend to dislike rap music, the opening theme song in Gantz is catchy and memorable.


The main character Kei Kurono, is somewhat of an antihero, who is pessimistic and frustrated with the world, and I personally found myself relating to Kei.

Masura Katou, who is the opposite of Kei, is somewhat naive and tries to "save" everyone instead of just himself. Katou actually proves to be a role model for Kei later in the series (in the manga). Nishi, my favorite character, is even more pessimistic than Kei is and has a Darwinist view of society. Nishi has some of the best lines in the show and the manga.


The first season of Gantz is really well done, and follows the manga almost perfectly. I can't stress how much I recommend this series as long as you aren't offended by graphic material.