Dec 18, 2018
aubreyaylaine (All reviews)
I finally got around to watching this anime and quite honestly I am glad that I did, despite the confusion between this anime and Full Metal Alchemist.

I frequently find myself in a 'funk'. The kind where I set myself in a panic when I think about things such as death. I feel like after watching this, I am a bit more at peace about the topic of death.

There are many lessons to be learned from this anime that I think many people need to take the time to learn. The main one would be the consequences the come from revenge/hate.

The story itself was written well and I hope to read the manga soon to compare the anime.

The artwork is still good for the air time (2009). I thought the sound work was great! Especially when it came to Alphonse Elric and his metallic voice.

Well worth the watch and I highly recommend to anyone who has not seen it yet.