Dec 17, 2018
matthigh (All reviews)
Am I really going to write a review for a 15-second video? You betcha!

Mirai Mizue is known for his unique animated videos of swirling, always-changing shapes and colors - probably the best example of this is the "Timber A to Z" series. This video is not really any different from that (he's really a one-trick pony). The thing is, this is nothing more than a 15-second clip. It feels like you have been dropped right in the middle of something much larger. A snippet of a scene, no starting point, no ending point, just a cut of some strange alien landscape with dissonant tones in the background.

There's nothing particularly bad with what we see -- it's just there is zero context. Why does this even exist? Is it part of a larger, longer story or video? If so, why can't we see that? If not, then what's the point of this?