Dec 17, 2018
Tanya-han (All reviews)
This story was a great read. From the first chapter, I felt like you could really get drawn into the story, and really get to know what the characters are like. Funny enough, it was not until the second chapter that I realised that, they are in fact daughter and father (shock!) Honestly, I had no idea, they seemed like siblings to me (ahaha...) Either way, I enjoyed this story, as it is super heartwarming, but also sweet, and I felt like it really drawn me into their world. With each chapter, you find out more of the main character's relationship, and how much they care for each other, regardless of their tough past, and this is what I also like in this manga. Certainly, if you want to read something that you will be "aww-ing" after, then I certainly recommend that you try with this one. Since it's short, it is a rather quick read, therefore you will easily want to wish that there was more to the story. The only minus that I want to point out, is the art. It's not quite my thing, but I still think that it fits with this particular story. Not trying to be picky, but as what I mainly look into when choosing a manga to read, is the storyline, but i feel like this goes pair, in pair to make the story for what it is.
(p.s. If I got their relationship to each other wrong, then apologies, because I can't figure it out. Maybe someone can clear that up for me ^^)