Dec 15, 2018
Leyren (All reviews)
Since there is no review about this yet, I'll give it a go.

This is a fast-paced, (probably) rather short and lovey-dovey romance story between the two characters Koshino and Mizukawa. There is no big drama yet, and the main characters don't have any super special and unrealistic features to them (like being the most popular, beautiful, etc.). If you enjoy following 2 people being cute together, you'll probably like this.

The story felt a bit weird in the beginning. Basically, Koshino falls in love with Mizukawa and more or less immediately confesses to him. Mizukawa agrees to date her, even though he didn't even know her name at that point (lol). After that, the chapters mostly consist of spending time together at school, home, dates, including the usual stuff like birthday and valentines day. In those 16 chapters which are out so far, roughly a whole year passes, so it's pretty fast paced.

Koshino is a first year (later on second year) student at high-school. She's cute, very open towards others and pretty squirrely. She seems like the kind of person who's always smiling. She fell in love head over heals for Mizukawa and is always eager to make him happy and spend time with him.

Mizukawa is a second year student with a rather cool character. He's basically the opposite of Koshino; he's calm, sometimes a bit sarcastic and less open towards others. But at the same time he really puts effort in making her happy and also showing (and telling) her how he feels about her over and over again.