Dec 15, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
This is a short, 4 minutes long special for Re Life anime that contains 2 stories.

The first story centers around a hidden camera. The main Re Life employee duo is spying on Kaizaki's daily life as a high school boy. This one is pretty funny because Kaizaki is really acting his "supposed" age in it. There is also bunch of birds that confirm the video feed is live in a rather comical manner. Overall it's pretty fresh.

The second one centers around a face cam/video phone call where Arata has a chat with Ooga who is hanging out with Kariu and awkwardly asking advice regarding what he is supposed to do on a date. Kariu spots his lame phone call, the screen turns black and we get some hilarious couple interactions going on in the background in the form of dialogue. Hella cute.

This entire thing is executed with smart phones and smart phone screens. There is literally just 2 phones on the screen the entire time, the first story plays from the other and second from another like they are vertical videos. Creativity and low budget I guess, but it end up being quite memorable.

I quite enjoyed watching this because it was a warm, wholesome experience and I like the characters and the original manga. Recommended.