Dec 14, 2018
Cleesus (All reviews)
I have read 4 volumes of the light novel and all of the current chapters of the web novel. That being said so far the LN is much better at telling the story than the WN. The translations, explanations, names, everything is better.

id give the LN a 4 so far and the wn a 3 1/2.
Moving past that there are some problems that I have overall with the series but are bigger problems in the wn. That is the fact that the author repeats and rephrases the same info in different ways back to back over multiple paragraphs or pages for no reason. You will literally get the same information repeated to you in a different way, much like im doing now but more annoying.

This is one of my three major problems with this wn/ln and light novels in general. You do not need to spend a whole page reintroducing a characters quirks that we have been aware of for the past 300 chapters. We got it bruh move the hell on and tell the story.
I already know the MC is a jackass who has problems communicating, I dont need you telling me that again after reading 1000 pages of you already telling me that 500 times.

My second problem is the chronology of the story. I was hoping that the reason for structuring the order of the chapters would reveal itself later on but in all honesty it really hasnt. The story and timeline is all over the place and it even switches for each character. The same character can have chapters in the past and future while the other character is in the present, then past, then future and present. Nah this isnt an compelling story telling element but you tried it author.

My third problem which isnt as big as the other two is very minimal growth in the main character (s). I like kumo overall but the way she goes about abusing certain characters, and the way she gets when she drinks is supposed to be funny. Unfortunately its not written well enough to come off as funny and seems forced and unneeded.
Still this is better than most light novels