Dec 11, 2018
Syureria (All reviews)
Elf no Oshiego to Sensei is a serial H adapted by a novel. Previously I want to tell you one thing for those of you who are very fond of fantasy themes, I'm sure you will like this one series. This story is about a teacher who is dating one of his students. the name "Laranoah" while the teacher is named "Hiroki" they are lovers from other worlds. Short story at first the earth found a gate that connects the human world with elves. This is where the story begins to roll.

Laranoah is a long-eared elf. He has a relationship with a teacher named Hiroki. This carat basically has no sex and for those of you lovers of "Milf" I am sure you must like one of these characters. Beautiful and big-breasted she is a girl dream for everyone. Hyiroki is a teacher who teaches where an elf school is. He loves elves and hopes Hiroki is dating elf.

Taking fantasy series this series has a very good graphic design starting from the depiction of characters and others. Overver I really like this series "Blow Job" and "Hand Job" techniques make me even more excited to watch it especially with my ideal character like this series.

Blowjobs (9/10)
Handjobs (8/10)