Dec 8, 2018
Cleesus (All reviews)
I have a lot to say about this series, the author, the plot, the writing and the characters. This could have been a long detailed review but I do not feel like this series is worth it. I was going to drop it after volume one, then volume 3 but I decided to see just how crappy this rabbit hole gets.

I have a few problem points with this series

The main character has had every chance to easily resolve the issues between him and queen in every volume but doesnt do it, he is fixated on one outcome will easily ignoring the alternatives.

as another reviewer states this leads to the problem of all of the issues in this series could have been solved easily if the MC wasnt so dense.

It takes until volume 5 for the information necessary to make this series even remotely interesting to happen. Up until volume 5 you have no reason to care about the world or the characters and even that is still option by the end of vol 5

The author repeats the same exact paragraphs full of information he just repeated a page or two ago multiple times per chapter in each volume. I can not stress how annoyingly stupid this is, this series would only be like 5 volumes long without this.

The author has some weird obession with under age girls and their underwear and "little butts" and he will keep stressing over it in every volume.

The story is not written well, like I said most of what you will be reading is information being repeated to you.

The main character is one of the worst cases of a know it all its to the point where he might as well be god because he knows more than literal gods that appear in this series. He can solve any problem and is always 20 steps ahead of everyone. He is a normal human but can pick complex locks with his fingers, beat down ships and monsters/gods with a stick. He is pretty much omnipotent.

The only interesting character is white queen and you will be on her side by the end of vol 9