Dec 6, 2018
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
ArchangelEST (All reviews)
"Another" is horror/mystery story at its finest. It feels like watching a high quality horror film with enough run time to make you feel nothing was rushed.

Story is quite good and the mystery remains through-out the show. Even in retrospect there were very few hints that foreshadowed the events. No matter what you're likely to be surprised multiple times as you watch it.

Art and Sound are high quality, no complaints there. I felt like the scenery was especially well done. Really detailed.

Characters were good, though with the cast being as large as it is, most remain underdeveloped. Which is fine however, as further development would be unnecessary for the show. We get to know people just enough to care about their fate, but not enough to get overly attached and throw the balance of the cast out the window.

The pacing was good and there was something of note in each episode. So it was an enjoyable watch through-out.

If you're into psychological, low key supernatural horror with thriller elements, featuring school, you'll enjoy the show.