Dec 5, 2018
Dhvanit (All reviews)
Story 6/10 :
Again a new system comes as always, but this time it is a bit too much. They included all the old characters and now kicking them out one by one. The FFI was also in the main first season, but this time too awkard.

Art 4/10 :
Well I don't know they are sort of time or money on the animation, but it is just worsening after each episode, definitionely not expected from animes such a shit animation.

Character 6/10
Just as Inazuma franchise, 1 or 2 traitors are always there, they aren't developing much, except Endou and Inamori, all have accepted the traitor but just can't kick him out, and they hit him in Australia, yet he is in perfect condition.

Enjoyment 8/10 :
As I like Inazuma franchise from since I was small, I still enjoy this anime as Endou and Gouenji are there.

Overall 7/10 :
It is somewhat decent series, but animation is worsening, might be worth watching once. If planning to watch one, watch the previous season first.