Dec 3, 2018
LeviEnton (All reviews)
The Dragon Ball Super Manga. No Comic has so many prayers and haters at the same time (probably).


There are people on the internet who only rate Animation, artwork or writing.. Especially for the DBS Anime. There are YouTubers like "Anime Ajay" who upload Episode Breakdowns for each Super Episode that has been aired. But he looks only at the animation, the compositing, direction, storyboard and in rare cases the writing. He can rate an episode completely with the visuals, like it would be formula. And that is totally fine. I also enjoy looking at cool animated shots, hearing epic music and seeing creativity on Manga shots...

The Dragon Ball Super MANGA, which this review is actually about, got criticised for it's visuals for example by "Totally not Mark". And he had some fair points.. Toyotaro really likes to recycle shots, poses and panels from himself or Toriyama. But that is only one reason TnM hates the looks of the DBS manga. He also criticised that Toyotaro is using to many panels to present the action. And of course if you're comparing Toyotaros work for example with the Manga "Attack on Titan" (drawn by Hajime Isayama) you notice that Isayama uses way more panels and entire pages or even two pages that show one image. Another example for this is the old Dragon Ball Manga by Akira Toriyama. But there is quite a difference! Isa and Toriyama both use big panels and shots, but the amount of discribing shots in Attack on Titan is the same as in the Dragonball Super Manga by Toyotaro. Which means: Isayama put way less content in one chapter than Toyotaro, beacause of the small panels and Toriyama with his "less is more" approach.

Fact about everything with the visuals is: I didn't notice any recycled shots until TnM brought it up and I never had a problem with the small panels and often pretty full pages. Is this only a matter of your opinion or your look at things? My answer: Yeah, completely!


...of every Arc!

Battle of Gods Arc

Maybe a bit short in the Manga. But the Anime was way too long for my taste and I can unterstand Toyotaro that everybody whos reading the Manga, already watched "Battle of Gods" or Dragon Ball Super Anime. So thats... fine.. i guess...

Revival of F Arc
Uh.... Where did it go?!
Universe 6 Tournament Arc

Pretty good writing by Toyotaros hands. The Characters are potrayed way more natural and less annoying than the anime, but it still could be funny and enjoyible. Examples for these Characters are Jaco, Bulma and Mr. Satan. The only things that weren'T that great are the emotional and dramatic scenes. Probs to the ANime Staff and voice actors for they're job! But the explanations for example Vegeta and Gokus power gap were way better and just more logical in the Manga and Gokus used his head! Woohoo!

Future Timeline Arc

I already liked the Arc in the anime but Hooray, it was better in the Manga! The story felt way more completed, Characters like Trunks way more bealivable written and Characters like Shin and Gowaso, were way more active.The story felt more polished and had some even more creative ideas. Dramatic and cool scenes have been cut from the anime, but got replaced with even cooler ones.

Really, this arc is my favourite one, written by Toyotaro.

Tournament of Power Arc

Got probably the most critisism. People who loved the Anime often said that the Manga was to rushed, characters got thrown away and it got rushed dammit!!!!
I never felt this way. This is supposed to be a 48 minutes long tournament and Toyotaro made *I think* 10 Chapters out of it.. While the Anime did OVER 9000 Episodes!!!!....Okay OVER 50 EPisodes!!!! Which is.... a bit too much..... The Manga made it short, because in the Manga the tournament isn't that big of a deal...Some characters got potrayed way better in the Manga and some didt get protayed at ALL!! The Manga really could have used some emotions and drama - it was a bit dull and not the best thing Toyotaro has ever written.

I really look forward to the Broly Movie and especially for the new Manga Arc, I got really exited.

Thanks for reading my horrifying grammatics and spelling.