Nov 30, 2018
Ethan_07 (All reviews)
If you could choose one person to help you when your life is at risk, who will you choose?

One that has a strong will to never give you up, one that has a strength to protect you from the dangers, one that can give you courage to do things you never dared for and one that you would deeply believe in just by looking into his/her eyes.

This is a story about the chosen one. In a world where 'peacefulness' and 'order' is under strict implememtation, by simply looking up into sky will bring you a lot of troubles. A world controlled by a good old-fashioned mad mayor who is self-righteous and seek to capture 'inverters' from other world no matter what it takes. Facing the adversities, a young girl and a boy who support each other and cling on each other so desperately to save each other and indirectly, the world. The romance is just as beautiful as their adventure, shining in the darkness and reaching to the peak of brightness.

This is a story where your perspective will literally change. Two different world connected as one through them and their eyes are the windows that project it.

The artwork of inversion of the world and the detailed aspect of how inversion would have worked is simply amazing. Every now and then, you'd have suspected, from whom eyes are you viewing the world as? Is it yourself, the audience? Or is it from one of the main characters, if so, which one?

After watching the synopsis or some of the reviews, you might think this is just another creative yet typical anime movie but I assure you that would not be the case. This plot will mess with you from the inside, leaving you questioning the world you are living in as the credit scenes roll.