Nov 27, 2018
Hime-han (All reviews)
This manga is simply great, and it drew me from just reading a few pages of the first chapter. I've always been a fan of shounen-ai so this was a pleasant surprise. With it's funny and light-hearted way of going about the story, it's really worth reading.

Firstly, for the storyline; I like the fact that the story started off smoothly. It did not go straight to a major point in the plot, instead it just eased into it. It showed the main character, as he struggled to find a place, and his issues that came with finding a place to live at. I find that it was a rather smooth way to ease into it, and show the main reason of why he has moved, and how he gradually tries to adapt to his new environment. I think in a way it's a very relatable thing to many people, therefore I found that to be a rather appealing storyline.

As for the characters; I like the fact that each individual character is so unique, and different in their own way. It's nice to see, how their relationship develops, as at first it was off to a rather rocky start. With the fact, that they all had their unique characteristics, is what really made the characters their "own" in a sense.

Overall, I enjoyed this series, and I hope to find others like this. It would be even better if there was a manga, from the same artist. Certainly recommend the read.