Nov 27, 2018
Andreikun (All reviews)
Review might contain small spoilers/references. Watched this with the Italian sub. Also never played the game this is based on, so my review judges what I've seen animated and not if it follows the source material.

This show is a mixed bag in my opinion. First, if you dislike fully CGI anime (such as Ajin) this might not be for you. All the characters are done in CGI, it's not bad, but not really good either. Sometimes the movement, especially during walking or talking feels and looks weird. Backgrounds and action scenes are nicely made, car chases care also animated nicely in CGI.

Plot is where this show is a bit bad, contains some cliches like Chinese character is bad guy planning to take over the world. Worse is that characters seem to die /sacrifice themselves in impossible to get out from situations but just spring out alive a few episodes later without any explanation as to how they did it. There are a few other inconsistencies all over the show like a scene at an airport where it's full of paramilitary trying to capture someone, yet the someone just walks out in drives off in a taxi.
Characters start to pop out of nowhere in different locations towards the end or enter different locations without any problems, although half an episode is used in the beginning just to make passports, these are largely forgotten later. There are other inconsistencies, and the "world mechanics" are constantly updated towards the end just to fit the plot somehow.

There are some references/similarities to Evangelion, a bit of talk about the soul and human nature towards the end, evolution of mankind, but nothing very deep or that brings some novelty. For example, Darling in the Franxx's commentary about immortality spanning an episode is much better philosophically than what it is presented here.

Characters have little development, they are just there to fit certain purposes. There is no fan service, there is just one female character anyway. The attraction between the leads seems artificial, there is nothing to make you root for them, feel happy or sad in certain moments.

To sum it up, this show tries to be a global conspiracy (similar to Dan Brown's novels or Jason Bourne), involving different nationalities, locations around the world, viewed from a Japanese perspective and using Buddhist references like soul rather than Christian ones. Where it fails is because it relies on ass pulls to move the plot forward (similar to the Rin Tohsaka knife scene in the 2006 Fate, but on a larger scale here) and tries to use the global scene as a backdrop rather than being Japan centric, but the use of it doesnt make any sense especially that towards the end. Action scenes are cool and engaging at ties, car chases, shooting, all done in CGI and with nice sound.

Story: 6
Art: 7
Sound: 7
Character: 6
Enjoyment: 7

TOTAL: 6.6 = 7