Nov 23, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Jojo 1&2: Liquefied nazis
Jojo 3: Bros fight the sun
Jojo 4: Don't trigger my fire truck allergy
Jojo 5: My stando power is being an asshole

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Super Mario Bros. Edition is the greatest thing that has happened to anime since the 4th part. In this 5th Jojo -- called Vento whatever in Italian or Golden whatever in English -- we see something that is not expected of anime these days: content that doesn't suck ass.

Vento Aureo is told to be the most controversial part of the Jojo franchise thus far. One either loves it or hates it. I am in the lover team because the story is so simple, yet masterfully crafted. It only focuses around few things, values small details and shows how it is better to be master of one than master of none. Do much with little is a thing I like to repeat and Jojo 5 is a perfect example of how much can be done with the given little.

The cast is perhaps the most colorful seen in Jojo so far. I am personally against all sort of moral compasses and obligatory justice for all bs because the only thing those do is limit the story and characterization, and while Jojo introduces some concepts relevant to these such as the Robin Hood ideology, I am not finding these to be any sort of reflections of moral codes like they so often appear in all sorts of narratives, but simply part of characteristics in this case. Jojo's cast doesn't simply support 'anything' just because "it is the right thing to do", but because prioritizing loyalto to personal philosophies is put above all else. It's damn manly thing to do and that's why I am finding the cast to be so fun to follow. The banter seen in forms of dialog and interactions is also pretty bro, not as bro as in the 3rd part, but it's still damn brotherly.

The art has surprised me once again. It's impressive how different yet familiar David Production manages to make new Jojo series look like. The colors, animation style and unique ideas as well as the character design all are there to make Jojo's 5th season its very own thing and I am finding it very hard to not praise every part of it in today's industry.

The music is outstanding. The opening song is acquired taste, really. At first I was like "it's not exactly Walk Like an Egyptian, is it" but now I am like FIKHTIN GOLDOOO every time I do anything.

When it comes to enjoyment, this is the reason why I still have hope for the animated medium.