Aug 9, 2010
anime_sama (All reviews)
I will have to agree with Bonta_kun with his review of this very hilarious anime. I have been watching anime for 25 or so years and this is one of the funniest ones yet.
The Marui triplets are either dangerous or insane. I feel sorry for their homeroom teacher that has to watch after them. It is gag-based and it works. Some animes just can't pull this off.
The animation I thought is pretty good. Note: I have seen some really bad animes in the past. But that is the evolution of anime.
I am only on episode 4 so it could get worse. We shall see in the next few months.
Watch and enjoy. Make sure you are eating or drinking anything while watching the exploits of the Marui triplets, you may just have to clean up a big mess.

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