Nov 21, 2018
gorongo (All reviews)
This manga generally tells about friendship, sacrifice, betrayal and remorse.
It all started when "they killed someone five years ago".

When talking about this manga I can't dismiss the conclusions of the story, so expect to be careful there will be spoilers.
This didn't work out as I had hoped, but from the start I knew the story would go there. Someone commented badly, but there were some things I disagreed with.

The premise is still interesting from the beginning to the end, a tension, though unfortunately it doesn't use tricks so the story really has a climax.
I honestly don't like it when there is a "love" that grows between them. You have guessed what the expenditure will be, a kind of lust that drives them to do stupid things. The good thing is that even if there is a trigger, they don't fight for silly things other than thinking about "how not to get caught".

Speaking of characters, Tsubaki is a pawn who plays the "most" important role in the story. I agree that Tsubaki seemed portrayed too miserable as a victim, even when the last confession, I never thought it had anything to do with his love for the main character. Why? I will tell you why, even if she does it with her own awareness and will, she has no evil intentions and I like the part when everything is revealed, there are solid reasons. She is strong and fragile at the same time. She sacrifices everything. She can't be labeled as a psychopath behind fleece.

Then, Shin, is the main character which is pretty awful because who knows whatever he thinks on his head.

Only the two characters did a lot of movement, the rest, not much. But everything about this friendship is interrelated and brings a stifling reality.

There is something called an act that happens accidentally and that is the right word to describe their situation. They try to live a peaceful life, but disaster returns terrorizing them and everything comes from feeling to protect something. I think the situation is pretty good because everything still stick to the main problem. I don't find too much resentment.

The conclusions of the story are very good and heartbreaking, it is not great, but I enjoy it and not wasting my time.