Nov 19, 2018
YungGreyscale29 (All reviews)
This Anime gets a lot of hate, because it was made a little too fast, by a staff that seemed like they dont care. But, this is one of my favorite anime I've seen in a while. It redeems its sloppy makeup with a few distinct factors.
1. The characters in this anime are all very unique, I've read reviews saying its a "Reverse Isekai" and I really agree with this. The concept involves fantasy characters being transported into the real world, and I really like the idea of this. It allows these unique mix of characters to interact.
2. Aside from the characters being unique, and a nice mix, some of them are excellently executed. Altair and Megane Chukojoin are 2 of the coolest characters ive ever seen. Altair having the sabers and PPSH coolest anime villains I've ever seen. Her character is done so well, and seems like a true threat, with a great motive. Chukojoin is prolly my #1 waifu, and its all in how her character acts. It seems realistic, like if these characters actually came into real life. She seems so... scheemy? Idk something about these 2 characters draws me into the show more than any other show.

3. The battle scenes in this anime are so fucking sick. Altair with the spinning sabres around her, destroying the city unleashing dope magic attacks between an array of manga characters all with their own motive? Hell yeah, the battle scenes in this are easily the most intense and gripping I've ever seen.

TL:DR The characters in this seem so real, and so well executed that it draws me into this show more than any other aspect. Best character designs ive seen in a long time. The battle scenes are also so epic that it ties it all together.