Nov 18, 2018
DivineLion (All reviews)
this will be my first quick review into the series, i have read the Light novel all the way to its recent released.

Story: 7, Story now revolves around Touma, Accelerator, and now the recent one named Hamazura who is a level 0 like touma but with no powers whatsoever. The anime will be changing perspectives as the plot moves forward regarding the full on war with the science side and magic side.

Art: 7, Way better than the last 2 seasons but not on par on Railgun S i think. the fight scene with Accelerator and Dark Matter was really well done though, and hoping future fights will be done like that.

Sound: 7 they change touma's imagine breaker sound when he touches anything magic related or esper related powers but you''ll get used to it i hope. sounds when characters fight is still top notch with their futuristic edm style (?).

Characters: 8, With more characters getting included, it may be a mess trying to switch to some of them to get in screen time but ill hold on it atm. Im really interested in how Hamazura will play out.

Enjoyment: 9, I love this series tbh, with its setting, plot, and the characters interacting in this world of magic and science society. how will they react to the others sides powers?

Overall: 8, a good series but is not for everyone since it can get convoluted at times. will update later on