Nov 15, 2018
YungGreyscale29 (All reviews)
This is easily my favorite anime ever produced. I own a multitude of figures, and the entire manga collection from this anime, and I would be more than happy to explain why I feel this way.

Story: The story to Puella Magi Madoka Magica is beautiful. It starts off slow and confusing, but as you get farther into the show it starts to make more and more sense as to why it started off this way. The story revolves around the concepts of witches, and how those impact different values to our lives. I think the story does a great job entertaining us, while also puts out an absolutely beautiful message that would be hard to disagree with. I would say that my only critique with the story would be that it should be longer, but I feel like the fact that it was 12 episodes long is perfect for how much is fit into each episode.

Art: The art for this anime is incredibly unique, unlike any other anime ive ever seen. The faces and shadows are drawn differently anything else, and its a little weird at first, and I know people who are put off by it, but once you adjust, I feel it adds a layer of depth to the anime, as the feeling of an anime revolves around its animation. The witches and their lairs are drawn to look alien and out of place. They contrast so hard on the animation of the show, that it creates a beautiful scene within the show. There is so much effort put into making these witch layers look out of place, and you can really tell, they are shocking, disturbing, and bizzare, that instills fear in the viewer, and gives you an insight on how it must feel to the characters to be within their lairs.

Sound: The sound in this show is great, It gets fast paced when the anime gets fast paced, and it gets slow and heart wrenching at times. The ambient cosmic sounds at the end of the show really puts you in a head space of understanding the ending.The Op to this show is also the most notable ive ever heard. It is so memorable, because its such a banger. Also it was a meme for a long period of time, so it has ties to other fassets of my life. Connect is the best anime op ever composed, fight me on it.

Character: The different characters in this show all have different motives, and different ways they got into this anime, they all have a unique backstory. The only character decision I didn't really vibe with was some of the motives Sayaka had, but other than that all the actions and feelings of all the characters are beautifully illustrated, and executed. One of the characters slowly unravels themselves as the show progresses, and as ive said before in story, it adds an unfathomable amount of depth to this already gorgeous show. Each character is unique and sets themselves apart from most other characters of this genre. Kaname Madoka is ridiculously entertaining to follow along on this journey as it all ties together. Plus shes super cute and that's a good chunk of why I love this anime :3.

Enjoyment: This show had me gripped the entire length of my watch, and my multiple re watches of it. Every time the enjoyment of this show stays the same for me, it doesn't seem to get old. If i'm feeling down, this show feels like a comforting friend, reminding me that its okay, and they will always be there for me. The message in this show reminds me to never give up, no matter how hard things get, which honestly, sometimes I need. Madoka has helped me get through some of the darkest periods of my life, which might sound super cringe, but goddammit I love this show so much. Its so inspiring listening to Madoka talk, she makes me want to get out of bed in the morning sometimes. "If anyone tells me its a mistake to have hope, well then, I'll just tell them their wrong. And Ill keep telling them till they believe, no matter how many times it takes."

TL:DR: This show makes me feel happy no matter how bad things get and every single component of every second of this show is perfect.