Nov 13, 2018
Ginorin (All reviews)
Among romance series, it is often rare to find a gem that fits your bill. This is especially true if you're into light-hearted romance + comedy. Most often, there's either too much melodrama, too much fan-service, or both. Chihaya-san's Fine is one of those series that, for me, happened to check as many good points as possible: It is a super-vanilla romance with a conclusive ending, sprinkled with tsukkomi-style humor, wrapped up nicely in a relaxing 4-koma slice-of-life-school-life setting.


Story: 9

The story progresses at a nice pace. You never feel like an arc is being dragged out too long. You never end up feeling super teased about the main ship. The best part, though, is that the drama is incredibly light, and yet the core story remains interesting. The author even satirically employ some common cliche drama problems as humor by presenting it as light-yuri. For me, this was a whole lot better than the alternative. In fact, this is one of the few mangas that actually used the "moving" drama properly, by showing subsequent interactions instead of just doing a timeskip.

Only downside: There are some parts in the plot that felt a little confusing and random, and others that felt just a little unfinished.


Art: 10

Not Picasso or anything, but the art really matches the characters' moods as well as the current tone of the story. Absolutely perfect facial expressions. Nothing to complain about. That is one realistic-looking panda.


Character: 10

Each and every one of the characters are properly developed and shows growth throughout the series. They also grow on the reader, so that you don't end up hating anyone, which would be rather unfortunate in a non-dramatic romance SoL.


Enjoyment: 10

I enjoyed it. It took a little bit in the beginning to pick up, but once that started, the story was captivating enough to keep me reading. Because it's more SoL, it also doesn't hurt to put on pause for a few days. Even towards the end, there was none of the usual rushed feeling of "I have to finish this and know the ending." It just felt like everything will work out.


Overall: 10

For a medium-length manga, you can do a LOT worse, especially if what you're looking for is a nice, sweet romance-comedy with a SoL setting with no BS and no drama.