Nov 13, 2018
JiangHaoyi1979 (All reviews)
This is a repost, spoilers possible:

Ok, so they weren't kidding when they titled this ONA as "Calamity of the Zombie Girl" since when they woke up and I did said "they" cu'z there were two of them. Ok. like I've said they woke up from their long slumber and immediately they started to have to deal with a couple of shitty characters to take back what belongs to them and a calamity breaks out.

You know if anybody says that the fact about this ONA does make sense, when everything was thrown at once with even considering about the pacing of the anime. considering that this, a fantastic spectacle, are about the only words that you can describe this as. You have to have a very high IQ to understand this.

Too bad I kinda agree with it when this anime presents the character here who have died as greedy and it also shows that greed can be bad where most of them paid it with their lives, Ok so there maybe some plot holes here, where Alma and Euphrosyne were from the Holy Roman Empire but from the 19th century probably in the 1810's as seen from their attire in Euphrosyne's backstory. Also, we never get to know if the Occult Club member were high schoolers or college students. There is also Mako who is that mad scientist's sister whom we saw is alive so how the hell did that mad scientist able to plant that stone on her. Despite of all of it studio Gonzo did make used of the blood and gore of this anime and seeing them Occult Club die one by one was something that you make you feel like they deserve it, especially when you see how that mad scientist got killed by his sister / science project and how Mako the mad scientist's sister / science project got owned and eventually terminated by Euphrosyne was something else , cu'z the main protagonist and her sidekick only wants to live in peace and be left alone, but thanks to a certain two timing bimbo and the rest just goes one by one. Fanservice??????? there is boobs. butt and panty service , but no hairy fannies, so what gives about this anime?:

Story-fair 6: Well Pretty much a lot were thrown in that a lotta plot holes follow through.

Art-Very Good 8: Who cares about the fanservices, when the blood and gore makes up for it.

Sound- Good 7: Nice to hear Hayami Saori's mature voice, btw she is ugly in real life.

Character-Very Good 8: All that killing of them Occult Club (except one) was something that you can say that they deserve it and knowing that them two Zombie just wanna be left alone with their property and yes it's that magical stone.

Enjoyment- Very Good 8: It did lived to it's title and the blood and gore was a lotta icing on the cake.

Overall-Very Good 8: Nice to know that studio Gonzo just limit this to just one episode , that's quite worth it.