Nov 13, 2018
RedPerry (All reviews)
I was really astonished to see that such a manwha wasn't more popular on MAL, and that there was only one review, so I thought I would add mine.

Family Man was a real emotional rollercoaster, between being heart-warming and sad.
Gang-Ho is a worker in a plant far away from his family that was fired after an accident that left him with a terrible scar and who can't face his family with such a face, so he wears a costume of a popular superhero to save them without them knowing. His devotion to his family is absolutely wonderful, and was very touching.
The webtoon is not very lengthy, which was quite enjoyable for me. I recommend this manwha.

If you want more details, here I go:

The characters are, in my opinion, the best part of the manwha. Gang-Ho is the main character but his family is very well developed: I especially loved his wife, who is very strong and does her best with her husband far away. Gang-Ho's son is mentally handicapped, and his daughter is a very lively little girl. The way the children were pictured was interesting, I feel like they had a real personnality when some children in manga have often a more generic personnality.

The art was original, but went very well with the story: it is quite simple, which fits with the children and the idea of wearing a superhero costume. At the same time, it contrasts with the difficulties that they all go through.

Overall it was a really nice piece.