Nov 13, 2018
Fuuka (Manga) add (All reviews)
mangareader123 (All reviews)
Yuu Haruna is the typical shonen protagonist, a plain looking guy with no particular abilities. He meets an interesting girl, Fuuka and shares her interest in music. They met a few more friends and make a music band. That's the beginning of this manga, Fuuka.

I really love Beck, so I saw that Fuuka was recommended, what I also saw was that it had lots of downvotes, ie. many people have rated it 1/10 , and that's unreasonable. Maybe it is because when they started reading, they were expecting a sequel to Suzuka,(by Seo Kouji, same author), or maybe they were expecting a definite plot, sadly the manga takes a big turn within the first 40 chapters, I too was turned off by it, but then after that it just kept improving. Fuuka is a very engaging story with lovable characters. You should really give it a try, especially if you loved Beck.
PS. No manga can ever surpass Beck. MCP forever!!

The story is very simple, there is group of friends,
make a music band,
things get out of hand,
Now they're playing again.
( That's my rapping style)

The art is good, no compromise. Also there is LOTS of Fanservice. Lots of hot scenes. This ecchi part turned me off earlier, but later got used to it.

Initially they all seem like stock characters but slowly but surely they improve. You'll find yourself rooting for them, that's when you know you are a fan of this band.

I would say this is the biggest strength of this manga, it is enjoyable throughout, and well paced. I read 200 chapters in just 4 days, it was unputdownable.

I started reading expecting an average manga, but now that I'm done I feel like I'll never forget this story, these guys, and their music.