Nov 10, 2018
SuperPepperoni (All reviews)
(I really don't want to write a long review here, I'm just writing because I felt like I need to say something about this two-part OVAs)

It would be quite fucked up for me if I said that I loved everything about it except for the story and rate it 7, and I'll.

Jokes aside, I don't want to focus on the bad sides, seriously. I didn't expected those to be masterpieces and the stories worked fairly well considering the short runtime. I mean, the best shonen of all time just came back from the dead after 20 years for two, not one, but two specials. This is not something you see everyday and I'm really glad this happened.

The animation looks gorgeous, fluid and colorful. Hearing all those characters again feels really lovely. The joy on the cast's voices are undeniable.

And of course, the best aspect: the soundtrack. They kept the same soundtrack from the anime and that just killed me. It felt incredibly good to hear all those tracks again.

They tried really hard for a fan service but you know what? This is the first time that I don't give a flying fuck about that. I loved those really on your nose induced nostalgia trips, specially the fight in All or Nothing.

Whatever, I liked it.