Nov 9, 2018
Devostator (All reviews)
Keep in mind this is only related to the anime adaptation and slightly targeted towards the Battle Royale Arc that just ended:

While I want to keep this short, there is something I just want to get off my chest, after having waited so long for an adaptation, since I am more willing to watch an anime than read a Light Novel (I did read most of the summary and wiki entries however), I couldn't have been more happy to finally see all these scenes animated with good visuals.

Sadly, this is where my heart just breaks down now, what is this J.C. Staff? What have you done to Index! Why were you breaking the rule of 24 ep to make 26 ep instead, only to disappoint us with more cuts? I was expecting that this change was made to include "more", not "less". I've been a long on going fan of the series, I was heavily biased even towards it, but this, this just does it.

"Points that led to me dropping the series:"
- Significant Character plots are cut out, especially for new characters
especially during Episode 5, where we are suddenly introduced to more Dark Side Groups without any proper introduction for them, I couldn't feel anything for these guys. And in Episode 6 where a certain Level 0 is capable of doing something amazing without explaining why he is capable of this in the first place, then the fact they cut out a very important quote and metaphor of said character, which would have helped in developing the character further.

- random dying everywhere without knowing who was/is who

- changes that technically ruin and/or change future lore in the anime

Overall you can see where this is going already. After having finished The Battle Royale Arc I had enough of it, I felt sad, betrayed.

Index and Index II, while being not the best adaptation either, still sticked towards the LN and atleast made sense, leaving the important plot in. Watching this however just hurts.
Thankfully I already currently have most of the English translated Light Novels of it from Vol 1-16 in my hands, so I will stick to these.

Thank you J.C. Staff for having ruined my most favourite Anime ever. I don't think I will be able to watch Railgun 3 and Accelerator with such a direction right now.

"Story: 3/10:"
Poorly adapted so far, only highlights and fights so far

"Art: 6/10:"
I'd say it is decent enough but the budget definitely changed, several effects we were used to see like in Index II, the Movie and Railgun S are not present anymore and replaced with downgraded effects.

"Sound: 8/10:"
Not much to say about Sound, the only thing that takes me off was the sound change of Imagine Breaker "again", like, why change it in the first place? Why can't we just keep the same sound from Index, it was changed in Railgun once, in Railgun S they went back with the original sound, now Index 3 all of a sudden changes it again? Seriously, what the fuck.

"Character: 1/10:"
Totally butchered, the characters can't even develop the way J.C. Staff adapted this.
*see part about important plot points being cut out*

"Enjoyment: 2/10:"
What's there to enjoy when after several years, this is what you get.

"Overall: 3/10:"
Overall I don't recommend watching "this", but I do recommend reading the Light Novel or possibly reading the Manga of it. These are much much more faithfull (duh, the Light Novel is the original after all).

So yeah, any Anime only watchers should probably get acquainted with the Light Novels now instead, if they want the enjoyment they desired. Index 3 is not gonna give you that with the way it is handled.