Nov 9, 2018
ssenate (All reviews)
Overall, a pretty good one. However, it is not a true NTR as the husband (Hiroaki) and wife (Reiko) never really break up. The main problem here is that Hiroaki demands Reiko dress up as his favorite idol every time they have sex. This extreme fetish causes problems with their relationship and she is unhappy. That is, until one night, when Hiroaki brings his best friend (Taniguchi) over for dinner. After Hiroaki passes out, Taniguchi puts the moves on Reiko. Though she initially resists, she soon gives in and they fuck each other silly in front of an unconscious Hiroaki. The scene with the seduction of Reiko while her husband is passed out is pretty hot. While Hiroaki and Reiko stay together, it is only made possible by the fact that Reiko and Taniguchi become sex friends and fuck every week or so. In fact, its all Reiko can think of when she is forced to have idol fetish sex with Hiroaki.