Nov 9, 2018
knetka (All reviews)
a step up and a step down from the previous series
characters are way less annoying as they are more grown up but at the same time they try to involve to many
that some of the coolest characters are reduced to simply supporting roles and lose their identity
and the RULE OF COOL really takes over which made me sad sure its cool to have super fancy lasers and such but part of what i enjoyed about this series originally little toy robots with their own weaknesses and strengths but not everything is crazy super powered thing that can fly and blow up REAL WALLS in a single shot
and an odd point i had in the original series was when some of these LBX broke into the main characters house in like the first episode i was like yo why not just go pick up these toys that broke into your house and stomp on them or literally break their joints i was just like it's a kids show of course they are not gonna try something outside the box but I feel it got worse in this one aswell as there is a thing call a d-egg which from what I get the impression of its a hologram arena thing? that uses the fortified cardboard technology whatever it doesn't really explain it very well let alone my MAIN GRIPE how when people use it everyone is just like AHH well I guess we have to fight now and not just walk away through the hologram that surrounds us

don't get me wrong I don't hate the series I really like it
but it could have been better with less rule of cool and a bit more explaining the in universe tech
overall weakest link in the Danball series but still worth watching if you enjoyed the first one