Nov 9, 2018
metal-upa (All reviews)
Just like the main anime series, this movie suffers from trying to adapt too much material from the visual novel into too little screen time. The movie is an adaptation of the True Ending of the visual novel, which just by itself is six hours long in the VN. Still, keeping in mind those time constraints, I feel this is a good adaptation.

As for the plot of the movie / True Ending, I quite enjoyed all the twist, the plot reveals, and the character development presented for both the main characters Serika and Takuru. It was also nice to have a villain that has his own motives separate from the other main antagonists in the series.

I rate the C;C anime+movie as 8/10, and the VN as 10/10. It is not quite as great as Steins;Gate, but it is very close. I would definitely recommend playing the VN first and then watching the anime.