Nov 8, 2018
Yuni_Me (All reviews)
"If only... at that time.... If only... at that time"

If only at that time script writers and director have paid more attention to the story, only then this movie had turned out to a bloom.

I was really hyped about this movie when I heard "Uchiage Hanabi" by DAOKO and Kenshi Yonezu. Watching thhis movie was also a good experience but again it lacks many things.

In my eyes, I define any anime or movie at some certain basic parameters:

a)Story (3/4)
Seeing the score you may or may not believe me but the movie had a great story and sure enough a great potential. Actually these kind of mysterious things etc. type stories are the best or atleast good ones for movies where the root cause of origin of such things are not shown and rather the effects which they produce are to be seen. A good story where Norimichi uses that marble to avert his freshly made past mistakes,making various timelines, different worlds with different types of changes are seen but in thhe end he and Nazuna finally accepts their fate or more correctly the real world in which they were before using the marble. But the story lacks proper character development of the characters.
b)Script (1/3)
While the story was great, script was loose. It looked like to me as if they don't know where and how to move the story. If story is destination, script is the path to destination. In Uchiage Hanabi's case script was not according to the story. It felt to me like they were avoiding dialogues. They didn't want to get know of the full story to the viewers.
This is also one of the biggest reasons of the low success of the movie. In this case some parts have been handled very good but in some parts the director had made some big mistakes. His concepts or the imagination were not enough to give viewers a great experience. Apart from concept and imagination, music was also the reason enhancing its low success.I haven't heard a background music in whole of the movie other than that of 30th minute. The movie, without music, seemed blank. Uchiage hanabi is clearly a story of failed execution

I could just say that apart from a few scenes the art was really good. It can't be said that Shaft handled the series exceptionally well but still the art was a fine going. Some scenes were really amazing, while most were average and others were bad. At this rate, (3/5) should be a good score, I think.
b)Voice Acting(4/5)
As expected of japanese voice actors, voice acting was also much good. However, I did find some areas where I think that voice acting could have been a little better.

So, If you average this...
Overall comes out to be 6.

Thank you for reading: Hope you like it!