Nov 8, 2018
DoomRanger (All reviews)
As far as I’m concerned, this anime revolves around a generic intro where some dude gets transported into another world by means unknown and becomes some overpowered person, from a nobody to a somebody.

So far, many Isekai anime takes up this form (the past few at least)

However, reincarnation is a first, especially as a slime. Who said slimes weren’t overpowered ‘weakest’ creature my ass! Rimuru with his skill, ‘Predator’ allows him to basically eat anything and obtain their powers which is actually pretty damn overpowered!

He also has a load of ‘mana’ and not to mention the ability to store a large amount of things in his small sized body, kinda defys the laws of physics but oh well!

So far, the anime is heading in the right direction where Rimuru is slowly gaining fame and the sub characters are also developing pretty well, it’s a slow and steady pace and it’s great!

The storyline moving slowly also allows the development of how things work in that world and has a very simple concept to it, no complicated system whatsoever kinda makes the anime sort of calm and steady.

So far so good! P.S I never read the manga or the LN before

The music of the anime is also good, the OP really suits the theme of this anime really well leaving potential hints here and there that leaves me to ponder how everything will play out, I’m still waiting for that plot twist (if there is one)

The sound effects and art style are also TOP notch, I particularly love the explosive sound effects in the fight scenes where cool moves are used, including the explosive wind sound effects very nice!

So as far as I’m concerned everything is going nicely, this anime might even become that masterpiece everyone’s been waiting for!

-Spoilers below-

Last edit: As of episode 7, this anime just got MUCH BETTER with the introduction of new characters and a dope FACEOFF with a Jinn, an Ifrit which supposedly had been possessing a young beautiful girl that was introduced.
Which Rimuru defeated with Predator and the Ifrit got into his stomach which Veldora greeted-

-Spoilers End-

Every episode just gets me craving for more, it’s that good!

Overpowered Slime MC
Tsundere Dragon
Lots of different creatures (monsters)
Goblins with tiddies (fanservice) P.S Goblin Slayer you’re not welcomed
Awesome character designs and cool sound effects