Nov 8, 2018
SiriusTimeKeeper (All reviews)

I am a simple man... I see bikini pictures, I click to read... Beach vollyball... ok, for sure... because it means more bikini moment. This manga is so well drawn; however, the setup and the plot for the story is questionable and generic.

Some minor spoiler*

Story: 5
1. Educational towards some volleyball or beach volleyball concept
2. Girls + Bikini (from a male perspective)
3. matches are realistic and short (each match will take only a chapter so far)
1. No male in the story... literally, with this kind of manga, we need some males to spice things up. I guess male doesn't exist (for this story) ;(
2. The background and the start is too "all-of-the sudden". Like in the first chapter, the mangaka wants to throw in arrival, main character introduction, sport all in 34 pages.

Art: 10
Literally, the only reason I read this manga. This category definitely carried the rest of the categories. The girls are all so cute... Adding to the theme of the manga.
[10][10][10][10][10] OWO

Character: 6
ok... if the main character has nothing too special, don't expect the supporting casts to be special too. The character setup is way too generic.

new to sport-> plays the sport-> loves the sport-> craves to win -> win(supposedly and hopefully LOL)

Enjoyment: 7
Hmm, I enjoy the drawings a lot... but not the story... I will save a few chapters and read it all at once in a fast pace.

Overall: 6.5
Art is the only reason I read. I don't think I will try to remember the plot of the story as it doesn't matter as much. But, this is a good manga just to scroll through pages and pages and enjoy the drawing healthily.

To sum things up, if you want to read this manga to gain some life lessons. Please don't... If you want to relax and see cute girls wearing bikinis, read it and pass this manga to people who want the same thing.