Nov 5, 2018
donati01 (All reviews)
*I wrote a review on this ONA, because the TV version feels uncompleted in my opinion*


[Story 3/10]
I don't know really know what to say about the story.
It's so confusing from the beginning and the ending is not rewarding at all.

[Art 9/10]
Despite overall being a meh anime, the art is out of this world. It's so beautiful and smooth, it's simply the best thing about this anime.

[Sound 6/10]
It has a pretty decent opening and sound effects are fair.

[Character 7/10]
The characters aren't as bad as the story. I mean it's kinda weird that characters can be good when the story, not that much.
Each one of them is unique, especially the 2 protagonists, Zack and Rachel.
The chemistry between them is great, despite the age gap.

[Enjoyment 3/10]
Not an enjoyable anime in general. It doesn't feel like a horror at all and it's just blank.

[Overall 6/10]
The Art and the chemistry between 2 protagonists is the only thing that kept this solid 6 rating, it lacks in everything else. I don't recommend it.