Nov 5, 2018
Ballroomdancer (All reviews)
*If you are just too tired to read the whole thing just skip to the last paragraph*

This show puts a smile on my face.

Every season there is one show that just makes me happy as a person and makes me not regret getting into anime.
In Winter it was Yuru camp, in Spring it was Hinamatsuri, in Summer it was Cells at work and this Fall it is about a slime.

That time I got reincarnated as a slime is a show that actually makes you feels like you were reincarnated as a slime. These 6 episodes actually focuses a lot on the world building and our MC finding a proper way to live there instead of giving him a harem.

*minimum spoiler review*


It is about our MC who got stabbed and was reincarnated as a slime. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand this but the selling point of the series for me was that everything was just making more sense than the rest of the isekais out there. The MC isn't just powerful by sheer luck he was
reincarnated in a cave and was named by a dragon and because of that he became powerful WHICH is the reference to the game logic that the villains having a name are more powerful than the ones without it. The MC then swallows him. The story right now focuses on the adventures of our MC (his name is Rimuru btw so I should probably stop calling him MC) in this world as a slime. The lowest level monster there is and waiting for the dragon to come out so that he can tell him about his adventures.


There is our MC which is the most realistic person to die die into the fantacy world. NO HE IS NOT A LOW LIFE ANIME LOVING WEEB, he is just a gut who works in an office. And he is a virgin.
Goblins were the first creatures that were introduced to us in that world and rather that making goblins look like..well like..Goblin Slayer goblins (i haven't checked the other reviews out yet but I am 100% sure EVERYONE has mentioned this) they are wayyyy more lovable and sweet.
Dwarfs are awesome and manly creatures who are true to their masters.
And the wolfs are pretty much the same.


There is not particularly any track that is spectacular. Some are rather forgettable but they all give that *fantasy world* charm that is necessary to have and they do it really well. The OP and ED are both really good.

Art and Animation-9

8bit studios have never been bad with animation. The animation is spectacular and consistently good with great details.The fight scenes so far (even if they are small) are good. The art is also pretty good with vibrant colors that just mixes well with the world.


The show has its own charm that just makes you wait eagerly for the next episode to come. It makes me happy and is a treasure for isekai genre.
After watching the first episode of Goblin Slayer I was actually planning to make a sarcastic review by just talking about it. But I just couldn't.
You might have noticed that I have not made an enjoyment section, that's because it is subjective (not because I am too tired and lazy :P). For me it is 10/10. This is my first review so I hope you will be easy on me.

Thanks for reading