Nov 5, 2018
KANLen09 (All reviews)
6 episodes in, and I can firmly say that Tensei Slime (or TenSura for short) is the isekai series to end all isekai series that has since premiered this year, and with Tate no Yuusha on the horizon to come next season, we're all set for (FINALLY) THE good isekai series to come out with full force.

This is a prelim and I'll just keep it short, because this is just too good. A slime, saving the entire isekai genre? I can live with that!

Story and characters:
Pretty much how EVERY isekai series start with the MC, some XX year-old Don't-care-what's-his-name got his life lost in the real world, and then transported (or how I like to call it isekai-ed) into the fantasy world, but the character himself (or ITself) is really damn unique, taking in the form of a slime, which we hadn't seen for majority of isekai stories out there which are trying their "failing" best to be outlandish. And when do we see evidence trying to be broken right on the first try "RIP to MC's computer*???

On the one hand, for what has been presented, Rimuru the slime reincarated itself is really quite the character I never expected at one point but it really works wonders, being able to do all things that slimes usually do. And if you thought that Rimuru is OP, don't, because troubles will come in the next 3/4 of the show. And for those concerning the adaptation, it has been clarified from MAL that it's the manga, NOT the LN (which is based on the manga itself also). The characters, startting with Tsundere dragon Veldora to the goblin (Goblin Slayer, you're NOT welcome here T.T), werewolf and dwarf tribes were all quite interesting and this was all that I'd expected and more. Interactions don't feel as forced, but still has its comedic moments with the Great Sage-Rimuru analysis and such.

Art and animation:
A new refurbished logo for a flourishing studio. I can honestly believe that even with some worrying staff behind TenSura (such as director Yasuhito Kikuchi for his work on the Infinite Stratos series and such), this is studio 8-bit's Magnum Opus that is second to the awesome adaptation of the Grisala VN series. The artwork is simply great and captivating and the animation is top-notch too. Simply just one of the great components that flourish the qualities of the manga-translated adaptation to its best.

I'm just gonna take it straight: Where in the world will you get SO MUCH reveal just by looking at the OP and ED? It's like we're only just started, and immediately everyone notices it so much that the hype train just went up by a few notches! Besides that, people were expressing a bit over concerns that both the songs for the OP and ED are good, but if swapped around. I really thought that the OP was great for starters on the series itself, and TRUE's ED was leaps better, but really worked well as the ED. Regardless, this was a top-notch OST.

If you're reading my review and haven't watched this amazing isekai series, then what the hell are you doing? Go binge-watch the XX amount of episodes you have left out! Truly a great start to beat the Monday blues.