Nov 5, 2018
Shirokuza (All reviews)
A modern staple of fantasy legends, the Slime Monster is an amorphous, shapeless, gooey creature best represented by the original Dragon Quest Slime. They are typically weak, but certain slimes, such as massive ones, ones made of special materials, or ones that are immune to damage, can be quite dangerous and deadly. Its usual attack is to engulf its prey.

The Slime is an iconic creature from Dragon Quest, but the existence of slime monsters dates back at least as far as Dungeons and Dragons, to the Gelatinous Cube. Which is suggested to be an invention of Gary Gygax.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken is an adapted series of Manga written by "Fuse" is the Maga Theme adventure and fantasy series was first released in March of the year two thousand five eventually got serialized this season.Seri was adapted by "8bit" and got twenty four episodes that started to date the two months ago, this series was so much not found many loggers of manga and anime because this series has a very unique story story as well as in the bamps of comedy elements that are very inviting lace tits make this series begin to reap its popularity.

Tells the story of an office employee named "Satoru Mikami" who wants to go to a restaurant to eat with his theme. But in the middle of a trip an unexpected event a criminal suddenly attacked his theme armed with courage and a sense of responsibility he was willing to sacrifice his life just for the theme Stabbed by the villain. Before he died he told his theme to destroy his PC (Personal Computer) because inside the PC had a very important secret document. For most people, we thought that we only lived once in this world but Satoru was strangely thrown into fantasy world where things that are impossible can happen in some of their abilities in the world he did some experiments including magic. But he still did not know why he was thrown in that strange world and why he turned into a slime instead of a human?

After being thrown into the world Fantasy Satoru met a dragon he asked about the world after chatting so many satoru decided to make the dragon his family and they changed his name to the "Tempest" Sorator himself changed his name to "Rimuru Tempest" but the dragon was still in the seal by the big crystal chunks to sealed the dragon's power the Satoru decided to bring the dragon by eating and analyzing how to free the dragon and that's the story rolling.

The themed of this series adventure has a good graphic quality not just a background or can we call the Landscape this series is also good in the character design.Seri has a very unique character that rarely owned any series is "slime" color selection so so many contrast making the real impression of the audience.Seri adapted from the manga is illustrated by "Kawakami Taiki" is quite interesting because it has a very unique character makes the illustrator difficult to adjust to other characters but it is not a big obstacle even with the very unique character can add to the storyline to become more interesting.

This series has a main character "Rimuru Tempest" he is a work office worn for stabbed by a criminal, in the unique capability of making this main character this is much popular than people not only the time appearance also no less as a unique creature Slime also has a funny and adorable impression. "Tempest" is a family name that has two members that is "Tempest Verudora" is a dragon that is cighed in the crystal and the other "Tempest Rimuru".

Incomplete if a good animation is not supported by the sound section. The "8bit" studio party brought in "Okasaki Miho" who will fill the Rimuru Tempest voice. For the studio's opening theme, "Takuma Terashima" will sing the nameless story as the opening theme. the opening theme will be sung by "TRUE" titled another colony.

As the Manga and Light novel reader if the two things got the serialization then it was so glad to be first-shaped and the following now the series began adapting to being a video.Resial was honestly he was nice since I read the Mangananya series and I really enjoyed the series and in the end the series got a serialization was the news is happy. In this season has some very good series of one of these Tensei Slime this.